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singer/songwriter Dan Farrell's CD, Hop In!

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Printed with permission from the November 2016 issue of CASHBOX, Submitted by Don Graham

dan hopincoverFive decades of musical experience, from the 1970's through the 2010's covers a lot of creative ground and the end result is obvious in singer/songwriter Dan Farrell's new CD, Hop In. You can't buy this kind of creative knowledge, it can only be obtained through the proverbial "time in" theory.

Dan Farrell has been involved in professional music for over 40 years. In 1972 and for the balance of the 70's, Dan hit the road with a variety of touring bands as a keyboard player and background singer eventually becoming a lead singer. In the 80's he continued doing club gigs and one of his original songs "When You Know It's Me" with its B side "Is It Ever Good To Know" got picked up by over 100 stations across Canada.

Then came the 90's and Dan branched out to playing the piano and trying his hand at acting on theatre stages.With the turn of the century Dan's chance to shine and show what his 40 years of experience has led him to where he is now with the release of his new solo offering 'Hop In'.

cover cd origRight 'off the hop' (pun intended) the title track "Hop In" grabs the listener with its driving tempo, strong vocal and great arrangement. There are influences that are obvious on this track that permeate the entire set. A little Burt Bacharach, a little Michael Buble and some Blood Seat and Tears horn parts.A pretty formidable mix of influences. "Rain Boys" and "There Goes My Love" are stand out tracks but my favourite is "Just Being Frank." Dan's homage to Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. A clever song that should get airplay on the easy listening A/C stations.

Great production value on this CD, it is definitely worth a listen. And from Dan himself, "There is no better feeling than to be playing, doing what you love to do, and have someone slap you on the back and say 'Great Job'! It's an even more wonderful endorsement when you look up and that 'someone' is Norman Jewison."

Printed with permission from the November 2016 issue of CASHBOX, Submitted by Don Graham