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“Hop In!” - Dan’s much anticipated album is now released and availble on iTunes. Also read what CASHBOX has to say about it!

“I’m extremely proud of these recordings. I love writing songs and I am so fortunate to have them become fully realized by all of the  superb musicians who have performed on it!”

We encourage you to be a part of the dialogue by leaving a message, a comment on Dan’s songs or where you would like to see Dan play next.

We are eager to have a growing community of friends. So, once again, WELCOME…  and “ENJOY THE RIDE!” 


Music & Lyrics

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This is where you can find music links to iTunes and others, lyrics to songs from Dan and the CASHBOX article from November 2016 issue.

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Photos / Promo

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Here is where one can find promotional images and template “Appearing Soon” poster downloads... Check it out!

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Video Links

YouTube has become a great asset to many of us musicians. Some of my best moments have been captured by those who came to watch. Click here and have a look at the list of links available.

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